Your Needs:

1. High Performance
2. Flexible & Scalable Configuration
3. Efficient Operation


How We See IT:
The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is engineered to be the highest performing and most available platform for running the Oracle Database. Exadata is a modern architecture featuring scale-out industry-standard database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers, and an extremely high speed InfiniBand internal fabric that connects all servers and storage.  Unique software algorithms in Exadata implement database intelligence in storage, PCI based flash, and InfiniBand networking to deliver higher performance and capacity at lower costs than other platforms.  Exadata runs all types of database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW) and consolidation of mixed workloads. Simple and fast to implement, the Exadata Database Machine powers and protects your most important databases and is the ideal foundation for a consolidated database cloud.

Best Data Warehouse platform
Accelerate data warehouse query performance by up to a factor of 10x or more, and run more queries concurrently for faster access to business-critical information

Best OLTP platform: 
Accelerate performance of OLTP oriented workloads through a combination of large physical flash, ultra high-speed flash compression, and smart flash caching algorithms which can provide millions of I/Os per second.

Best Consolidation platform
Replace isolated special-purpose system with a consolidated platform delivering leading performance and scalability for all database applications. Exadata has the unique ability to transparently prioritize requests as they flow from database servers, through network adapters and network switches, to storage, and back.

Exadata uses compression to expand smart flash cache

– Data automatically compressed as it is written to flash cache

– Automatically decompressed when it is read out of flash cache

– Up to 2X more data fits in smart flash cache, so flash hit rates will improve and performance will improve for large data sets


Flash cache compress/decompress implemented in hardware

–       Performance is same as uncompressed – millions of I/Os per second

–       ZERO performance overhead

–       Supported on X3 or X4 storage servers (requires F40 or F80 cards)

–       Flash cache compression does not change DB format, so does not improve backups, buffer cache, network, scan rates, etc


Want More Information?
Whether your data center is large or small, if you demand high performance, flexible and scalable configuration, and efficient operation request a quote from us. Next Technologies has the Oracle Exadata in stock and ready to ship. We offer custom configuration options, and we know you will be pleased with our pricing versus the OEM and our competitors. Each and every one of the Oracle products distributed by Next Technologies is backed by 1yr Warranty, so you can rest assured that our certified team of trained engineers will be there to assist if any problem should arise.


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